Embracing February

In January, my intention was focus. I really made an effort to be in the moment, and I think it paid off. I got a lot accomplished last month–I got a jump start on my spring cleaning, picked up a new freelance job, took a trip to Arizona with my family and went on some fun day trips with my homeschooling buddies. I hope to carry that sense of focus with me throughout the rest of the year.

But now it is a new month and time to choose a new overreaching intention. For February I picked embrace.


2016 was a roller coaster year for me. I felt very out of control and I really wanted 2017 to be different. So far…it hasn’t been that different. But what is different is the way I’m responding to it. I’m taking ownership of the changes and trying to see challenges as things that can lead me to something exciting instead of just letting things happen to me. I’m doing my very best to embrace everything that life is throwing my way.


What are your goals and intentions for February? How do you handle the crazy stuff life throws at you? 


Not Resolute But Intentional: How I’m Setting Myself up for Success in 2017

When I started to think about New Years Resolutions this year, I got tired very quickly.

The idea of another round of rigid rules, of “fixing” myself and then inevitably failing was just exhausting to me.

Then I realized, I don’t need to be fixed. 2016 was a long and bumpy road for me, and what I really need from 2017 is a little TLC.

This was actually a little hard for me to declare to myself. I generally love the idea of starting fresh in January. But I never seemed to settle into any rhythm or pattern over the past 12 months, so there isn’t really anything to start fresh from.

What I really need for 2017 are intentions, not resolutions. I found some prompts on Pinterest and took advantage of the first page in a book I for for Christmas called The 52 Lists Project. 

I enjoyed making the list and I feel like it is a really good guidepost for how I want my year to go. It also helped me choose my intention for January:


This month, I want aim my energy at focusing on not only on how I want my year to go, but on making sure I am present and focused in my daily tasks. It will be a challenge to try and focus on one thing at a time for me, since I tend to be a champion multi-tasker–but I think by the end of the month I’ll be a more centered and relaxed person because of it.

Are you setting resolutions this year? What are your hopes for 2017?

A Change in Words

When I decided on my word of the year for 2016–security–I envisioned myself creating a foundation of schedule and pattern. I imagined planning ahead to create a vegetable garden, a homeschool plan, and workout routine. Other things on my list included a five year plan that included finances, buying a home (and maybe into the Disney vacation club) and professional development. Yes, 2016 was going to be the year I became secure.

Then January happened.

And February got even crazier. And since then life has been moving at a pace and a direction that I couldn’t have even predicted back in January. And this week, I decided that security–at least in the form of schedules and patterns that I had pictured–wasn’t in the cards for me this year.

And so I’m calling an audible and changing my word of the year. After some thought, I’ve decided on the word Embrace.

Yep, that’s me this year: a glorious mess.

Life is offering me some pretty cool opportunities this year, and I don’t want to shy away from them because I’m so focused on feeling safe. Of course, working on financial security and keeping JC secure in his father and myself remain a priority. But since change usually inspires me to stick my head in the sand, I think my guiding word this year needs to help me make the most of things.

What’s the best way you handle a change in plans?

Week 26 Intention: Fall in Love


I know I’ve missed a big chunk of the year, but I’m excited to get back to my weekly intentions. This one goes really well with how I’m feeling about fitness recently. You have to love taking care of yourself–all of yourself–if your workout/meal plan/spiritual journey is going to work. So this week I’m focusing on falling in love with the process.

Happy Memorial Day! What are your intentions for this week? 

Week 10 Intention: Open Doors

This year has been so full of unexpected changes, both good and bad. Some doors I really wanted to open have stayed staunchly shut, and other opportunities have been popping up out of the blue. So this week my intention is to go with it and embrace the open doors and accept the closed ones. And also to sing this a lot: 

I know he turned out to be the bad guy, but I love this song!

I hope all the doors you want open for you this week! 

Week 8 Intention: Do What You Have To Do

Welcome to the last full week of February! Is anyone else impressed (and maybe a little uneasy) about how fast 2016 is passing? 

My intention for this week focuses on getting the unpleasant stuff done so you can have time/energy/resources to do what you want. Maybe it’s an extra shift at work to have funding for a project close to your heart. Maybe it’s an early workout class to get you prepared for a big race. Maybe it’s staying up late to clean up the kitchen so you can have a full day the next day with your family. Whatever your situation is, there is something you HAVE to do so that you can do what you WANT. This week I’ll be smiling through the have to…knowing that soon I’ll be at the want to. 

What’s something in your life that you have to do to get to something you want to do? 

Week 7 Intention: The Best is Yet to Come

I apologize for missing a few weeks–it has been crazy here! I started out the week with this intention:


Then yesterday afternoon, my husband got offered a new job at a yoga, meditation and cycling studio in downtown Atlanta. It’s a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an awesome concept. Even more exciting, the role will take him (along with me and JC, our son) to Honolulu and Los Angeles in the near future. I’m super excited about the opportunity to travel and see some parts of the world I’ve never seen before. I’m also slightly terrified, as I’m not really a traveler. I have very deep roots and very short wings (I’m like a penguin. I have wings for show, but I’m really meant to waddle around in the same place). But clearly 2016 is going to be the year I embrace change!

How is your week going so far? Did you get a long weekend or was it business as usual for your yesterday?

Week 4 Intention: Embrace the Change

  This week, my intention is to embrace change…in hopes that the calm will follow soon.

I’m trying to continue to look at the changes in my life in a positive light–and for the most part, I’m managing to do so. I’m hoping for a job offer in a position I would really enjoy this week, but I’m trying not to get worked up about it yet. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a job outside the home, but I’m happy that I’m able to help my family financially for a little while.

What changes are you embracing in your life?

Week 3 Intention: Live The Life You Imagine

My strength in my word of the year, secure, is being tested this week. Last week, my husband was laid off from his job suddenly, which pretty much blindsided us. After the initial shock wore off and we eased out of crisis mode, I decided to find the silver lining. Because there is always a silver lining.

While the situation is scary (okay, closer to terrifying) I’m trying to find it as an opportunity for my husband–and myself!–to pursue something we really want to do.

And so my intention this week is to focus on living the life I imagine–the scenes and the recipes and the ideas I pin on Pinterest and tear out of magazines needs to become the life I’m actually living, not just the one I imagine.

What does your imagined life look like?

Week Two Intention: Set Your Own Standard

I actually had a different intention all ready for this week, but then this gem dropped in my e-mail this morning and I thought it was even more appropriate.


I had a lovely brunch with my oldest friend yesterday. She is in her early 30’s, with a successful career and in a happy, long-term relationship–but not married. She pointed out how she always feels like she has to explain and go into detail about her relationship and why they aren’t married with kids when she meets someone new, but that she’s tired of justifying it to people. She’s happy–so why feel the need to explain?

I think that idea, and my intention for the week, can be applied to a lot of different people and their situations. I constantly find myself yammering on to people about how I “only” ran three miles on my run and how I’m so slow and I used to be a long distance runner and faster but I’m starting over because blah blah blah…I need to stop doing that. I know my own story, I know that those three miles area big deal to me. I need to own it and be confident in my own standards–and keep raising them as the days go by.

Hope everyone has a great week! What standards are you owning this week?