About Me and My Search for Healthy

Hi! I’m Allyson, and I’m just a girl seeking healthy. I’m a runner and a wanna be yogi.

peachtreefinisherfotoBrandt main street running

To me, healthy is more than a number on a scale.

It’s feeling good in my clothes and in my skin.

It’s having good, quality time with my family and friends.

It’s having quiet time and a good book and not feeling guilty for taking time for myself.

It’s about having…balance.

I can’t wait to share my story with you, and I can’t wait to hear yours!

What kind of healthy are you seeking in your life?


5 thoughts on “About Me and My Search for Healthy

  1. I totally loved your Spotlight blog post and I shared it! I used to have so much difficulty accepting compliments and believing people meant them. I think it goes along with insecurity (which is a spoiler for my Spotlight blog post!).

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