Virtual Runs: Yay or Nay?

My life is beginning to fall into a runner’s pattern again: maintenece runs on Tuesday and Thursdays, long runs on weekends. Training goals highlighted in my calendar. And the best part: races.

I love race day. It’s why I run. I love the energy and the comraderie at the starting line and the swells of emotion at the finish line. And since those things are so important to me, I generally don’t like virtual runs. I enjoy T-shirts and medals as much as the next girl, but the bling isn’t what drives me. 

However, there have been a couple of virtuals that have had me reconsidering my stance. Like the Hogwarts Running Club. They raise money for various charities and have virtual race themes like the Fantastic Beasts 5K and the Platform 9 3/4K. They all have adorable medals. 

I also have a hard time saying no to the virtual  runDisney Running Shorts event. I didn’t do it last year, but I just saw the announcement that it was returning for 2017. 

I think I’ll consider registering for one if we vacation at Disney this spring or summer. It might be fun to cover the miles for the virtual while at a resort. 

Another virtual race I always think about is the Celebration Half, which is run in Celebration, Florida. Their virtual goodies are always really nice–especially those raw threads T-shirts–but I’ve never pulled the trigger. 

I’d love to hear about your experiences with virtual runs–love them or hate them? Do you run them for charity? Or to keep yourself motivated between races? 


10 thoughts on “Virtual Runs: Yay or Nay?

  1. I have mixed feelings on virtual races. I guess I’m in support of the ones that happen in conjunction with a live event (and are a great way for people to participate who cannot make it tot he actual event itself). But just the arbitrary run that happens only for the sake of the bling…well, I’m not a huge fan of those. Although, occasionally, some virtual events are fundraisers for charitable causes…in which case, I think all the proceeds should go to the charity and not be put towards t-shirts or medals. #mythoughts

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  2. I have conflicting feelings about virtual runs. I did a few when I first started for motivation, but not I feel like they’re a waste. I prefer the “in person” race feel and would rather put my money toward a “real” race. I actually donated all my virtual medals to charity because I felt like they shouldn’t be on my medal rack.

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  3. I just can’t get into the virtual race trend. I’ve done one or two but it doesn’t motivate me or excited me nearly as much as going to an actual race with the crowd, timer, etc. Maybe I should give ’em another chance though, haha. I’m much more likely to do a virtual challenge, like run everyday for a month or run x miles in a month – those seem to motivate me more.

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