Are you Going Streaking?

No, I’m not changing my blog settings to NC17. But I do want to talk about streaking.


Fitness streaking, that is.

It is popular among my people to have a run streak from Thanksgiving to New Years–pledging to run a certain mileage every day, from holiday to holiday, no exceptions.

I’ve never managed a holiday run streak–I usually fall off the proverbial treadmill mid-December when the pace gets a little too crazy or the weather gets a little too chilly. However, since I’m really trying to finish the year on a strong fitness note, I decided to commit to a fitness streak this holiday season.

After tossing around a few ideas, I’ve decided to have a “1 mile or 30 minutes” streak this holiday season. In addition to my usual workout schedule, I want to make sure I get in 1 mile or half an hour of extra activity. If I do it, I’m giving myself a prize: a new raw threads T-shirt that I’ve had my eye on for awhile.


Are you going streaking this holiday season? Do you reward yourself with things when you hit a fitness goal?


19 thoughts on “Are you Going Streaking?

  1. I’ve done “5k a day” streaks a few times but the last time I tried, I failed miserably haha I kinda like the whole 30 minute rule (which for me, as slow as I am is just shy of a 5k) so I might be able to pull that off!

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  2. I don’t do run streaks but I do fitness ones. I’m good on these only the 2 days after Thanksgiving hang me up with being up at my parents with a a couple other friends and their families, so this year I’m doubling up next week 2 days and will get in Sunday when I get home. We are active and will often hiking those two days but it always depends on the weather and I don’t count those with workouts.

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  3. I won’t be going streaking this year but I am hoping to fit in a couple extra yoga classes between now and the end of the year. Love your 1 mile or 30 minutes goal!! You’ve got it!!

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