Staying Healthy on the Inside This Holiday Season

Happy Monday, friends! Can you believe we’re starting the last full week of October?!? The holidays are official upon us–there is no denying it now.

There is a lot of focus put on staying healthy during the holidays: emphasis on finding your fitness pattern, which appetizers have the least calories, how to make Thanksgiving dinner more healthy…but today I want to talk about the other healthy. You know, that one that goes straight out the window the minute you start thinking about all those weekend plans, school vacations, and visiting family. The healthy on the inside.

I can feel my mental health fraying at the edges the minute I start thinking about the holidays. Lets be honest: the “most wonderful time of the year” is full of stressful events. I don’t have much advice on how to avoid them, but I do have some tips on how to handle them a little better. Here is what I’m doing this year to keep the stress in check:

I’ll be so relaxed even this won’t rattle me!
  • I’m staying off Facebook. This was a rule I implemented several weeks ago when the chatter about the election just got to be too much. I set alerts to tell me when important people post things, or when someone posts in a group I need to pay attention to (like one of my homeschool groups or my virtual bookclub). If I don’t get those notifications, I ignore it all together. No mom-guilt over other people’s perfectly poised holiday photos, no seeing snarky comments from family members. And whole hours of my life back since I’m not scrolling, scrolling, scrolling.
  • We’re taking a day off on the weekends. My city is jam packed of amazing things to do in the fall and through the holidays. I could try and do everything, or…we could stay home and keep our sanity. I vote for keeping the sanity! Sunday afternoons (and sometimes the whole day!) have become “days off”: no grocery shopping, no laundry, not picking up clutter. Just books and games and hanging out. Does my house look a little rough Monday mornings? Sometimes. But I start the week rested and with a clear head.
  • I’m being choosy–and I’m choosing fun. When I asked my friends how they choose what to do during the holidays, someone mentioned that they ask their kids what they remember from the previous season. I thought this was a great idea. So this year, we’ll hit up the family favorites, and add one or two new events. And I’m cutting back and saying no to events and invites that we “should” enjoy–but don’t. We all have them in our life–and this season, they just aren’t going to make the cut.
  • I’m shopping online and I’m doing it early. I admit, I love to wander through the mall and look at the decorations and the hustle and bustle. I do not like standing in line with a whiny kid. Hello, online shopping. I’m in the process of making my list, checking it twice, and being done.
  • I’m asking for help. I read something in a magazine just this morning that really resonated with me: “asking for help doesn’t make you weak. It makes you an adult.” That is really true! As I work on my schedule for the week, month and season, I’m intentionally scheduling in help and time off: time for my son and husband to have boy time. Time to get a massage. Time for the grandparents to have a cookie-baking adventure with my son while my husband and I sneak away to find some mistletoe. Everyone deserves a break, especially around the holidays.

I’m already feeling better just thinking about it. I’d love to know: how are you going to keep healthy on the inside this holiday season? 




31 thoughts on “Staying Healthy on the Inside This Holiday Season

  1. So many great tips! I really need to de-stress and funny thing is last year we had a huge home model going on from October to only a couple days before Christmas and you would think it was the most stressful ever but it wasn’t! I was so focused on the house stuff that I didn’t stress about presents, cooking (went simpler), or even hosting because I figured hey if I’m hosting well then you can either sit on the floor on blankets if it isn’t all done or you can host it yourself. The only thing I worried about was having a tree but we got our tree and everything was great!
    This year I’m focusing on family even more, not perfect decorations but putting out my grandmothers. Spending time with the girls don’t the activities they want to do, not trying to do them all, presents already got those figured out, and last… might even take time away from the blog. This is huge for me but I’ve already cut back from what I use to and don’t try to have a million posts in que for “just in case” and in advance. I also already started taking weekends off from social media (which is why I love your Sundays off)!

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  2. The holidays CAN be so stressful! I think it’s hard to avoid but wish we could altogether and just enjoy family, friends, good food, etc. I do most of my shopping online and early. With 3 little girls all currently under 4 years old, going shopping isn’t exactly fun. Your list is great and I hope you really enjoy this wonderful time of year.

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  3. On-lines shopping is the best thing since sliced bread for me! I despise Christmas crowds! To me, every bit of the meaning in the Christmas season is lost running around frantically trying to scratch someone’s name off and list! Not to mention how much stress this causes.
    I want to be with those I love doing the things we all enjoy. Last year, just me and my husband took off in our RV alone, and had the best Christmas in years!!!

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  4. I LOVE these!!! I was just talking to a friend about how I have already felt some stress about the upcoming holidays! I need to get a plan in action to keep myself sane! I think LOTS of rest and spending time with my family and friends is in order!

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