This is Not a Race Calendar.

I was really pleased when I walked a 10k in July and had no pain from a foot injury I had a couple years ago–especially since I did the race completely cold with no training. While that isn’t what I suggest for anyone, it gave me hope that maybe I could start incorporating running back into my fitness routine.

The weather is cool in the morning and it is absolutely calling me to lace up my running shoes. This fall/winter are super busy for me, though, and I still have to be considerate of my injury flaring up…so this is not a race calendar. This is more of a race wish list–events I’d love to do if everything goes right.


Superheroes VS Villains 5k: My son is really excited about the idea of dressing up in a costume and running a race. Start them young, right?

Lanier Under the Lights 5k: I ran this race several years ago, and LOVED it–the nighttime course runs through a resort that has elaborate Christmas lights. Its beautiful!

Jeff Galloway Race weekend: I’m not really motivated to run a half marathon that isn’t at Disney (I’m spoiled) but I adore Jeff Galloway and his race weekend includes a 5K. The course is great and last year the shirt was super cute.


Jingle Bell Run: I haven’t run this one before, but it is a city run (I’m a little obsessed with our downtown area) and I like the idea of everyone running around with jingle bells tied to their shoes. Family friendly and holiday themed–who can argue with that?

Hot Chocolate 5k: Who doesn’t love chocolate fondue at the end of a race? Even though its always freezing at this race, it is always very organized and I definitely appreciate that in a race. And the hoodie it great!

What is on your race wish list this fall and winter? Any big races on the horizon?


24 thoughts on “This is Not a Race Calendar.

  1. Hope you get to do a couple of these! I have a 5k on Saturday, another 5k two weeks after that with my boyfriend (the MKE Beer Run 5k), and I just signed up for the Turkey Trot 8k on Thanksgiving morning (burn the calories before taking them in at dinner!). Super looking forward to all three of them, and the fact they’ll keep me training after completing my 3rd half marathon 2 weeks ago!

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  2. Sounds like some fun 5ks, love the idea of running through Christmas lights!
    I’m doing the JG 13.1 and it’s such fun! I ran the inagural race and then did the virtual last year. Looking forward to going back up to Atlanta again. Let me know if you do it, maybe we can meet up. 🙂

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  3. All of these look amazing!! Foot injuries are awful, good luck with your recovery!! Trust me the races will be there when you are ready!! Also I am obsessed with your menes, hysterical and so true!!

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