The Power of Hair

Something weird is going on in my world, and I’m pretty sure my hair is to blame.

A few weeks ago, the natural part in my hair–the one that has been there for at least 20 years– inexplicably switched sides. Since then, things in my world have been in a total uproar. Job stress, insomnia, digestive issues, heightened anxiety–all sorts of ups and downs.

I jokingly posted on my Facebook page about it, and I was shocked to see how many women responded that the same thing had happened to them. Is this a thing? Does our hair have life-altering abilities?!?


After so many people commiserated with me, I did some digging. Apparently, there is much more to the hair/mind/body connection than I ever knew.

Ancient yogis believed that hair supports the creative life force, vitality and intuition. When you cut your hair, you lose this. It was believed that hair had antennas that took in energy and aimed it toward the frontal lobes of your brain, aiding in meditation and visualization.

Yogis weren’t the only people that believed hair had powers. Many ancient cultures believed that cutting an enemy’s hair made them weaker and more easily controlled. When Genghis Khan conquered China, he forced all the women to cut their hair short and get bangs–not as a fashion statement but because he believed it would make them weaker and easier to control.

Some mystics believe that hair has its own aura, with longer hair having a stronger aura. When hair is cut short, the aura diminishes. They also believe that hair is important because it covers the crown chakra, which they believe is something of a conduit to the Higher Power or Higher Self. The kinder you are to your hair, and the more you let it grow, the closer you get to the Higher Power.

So maybe I’m not crazy as I feel. Or maybe I’m even crazier than normal, I haven’t decided yet. It is a nice idea to think that taking some time to get a blow out or a deep conditioning treatment on my hair would not only feel good, but might help my life calm down a little, too.

What do you think of the hair/mind/body connection? Has anything like this ever happened to you? 



28 thoughts on “The Power of Hair

  1. Yes! I believe completely that this is true! My hair has to be a certain length for me to feel normal, and the rest of it… well… I will never have perfectly coiffed hair because I’m naturally curly, which turns frizzy, so I let it do what it wants and get as big as it wants, but I think it goes well with my wild spirit. And anyone who knows me, doesn’t like when I get my hair straightened… because it’s not me. Long story short… yes, I believe. šŸ™‚

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