How to be a Morning Person

Summer is coming to a close in my corner of the world. This week we have open houses for our homeschool co-ops, and then my little guy officially becomes a first grader. While our mornings are not nearly as hectic as some, we will have to shake off our summer schedule and start being a little more productive in the mornings. And I am NOT a morning person.

I’ve spent my whole life fighting my night owl tendencies. I’m more creative and focused at night, which means I’m groggy in the morning. Actually, if I go to bed at 8 PM and sleep for 12 hours, I’m still groggy in the mornings. Mornings and I just don’t mix.

My son is a morning person. He has been since his days in the belly. I could count on him to wake me up in the morning with his exuberant kicks more accurately than an alarm clock months before he arrived. This morning he woke me up at 5:20 AM.

 I sent him back to bed until 6:00 (which is the time he is allowed to get up) and he obediently trotted back to bed…where he sang “The Ballad of Casey Jones” until he got up. He is so happy and energetic in the mornings, but starts to fall apart after about 3:00. Which is when I really start to hit my groove. So, my habits need to change.

Here are some practices I’m putting into place this week to try and get up earlier and have better mornings.

  • Setting a consistent bedtime and wake up time. This one is hard for me, because I often get into a groove late at night. My goal this week is to be asleep between 10:30-11:00 PM and up between 6-7 AM.
  • Leaving my phone alone until 9 AM. I’m one of those people who likes to roll over first thing in them morning and check in with all my social media accounts and play a few games of Disney Emoji blitz, my current obsession. I realized recently this is a terrible way to start my day. I’m basically putting other people’s opinions and thoughts in my head before I’ve even had a chance to have one of my own.
  • Getting outside first thing. Even if it is just sitting on my porch and enjoying the fresh air.
  • Cleaning up the kitchen and living space before I go to bed. It’s so easy to leave dirty dishes in the sink and toys all over the floor before I crash at night (who wants to clean up when you’re exhausted from the day?) but it is so nice to wake up to a clean space. I love starting my day with a clean kitchen island. Does that make me weird?

I’m going to start with small changes and see how they go. I’d love to get up and peacefully write a chapter or two of the next great American novel, but I think these baby steps will work for now. 

Are you a morning person or a night person? Is your lifestyle/schedule conducive to what your body naturally wants to do?


34 thoughts on “How to be a Morning Person

  1. i am definitely a morning person and luckily my lifestyle fits this. i am always the first into work and am done with my work day by 4. i have even started working out in the AM as well.


  2. I am definitely a morning person! I love the peace and calm I get before the world starts buzzing around! Productivity is at its peak in the morning for me. By 9 pm, I am all groggy and just want a bed.

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