A Confession and a List

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! I thought a lot about looking for my new “healthy” home over the three day weekend. But before I go into that…a confession.

Remember that race that I really wanted to do? The one I was talking myself out of?

Yeah, I did it.

I walked the 10K slow and steady, and loved every minute it. I’m feeling pretty good today–my injury stayed silent and the only discomfort I’m feeling is to be expected after walking 6.2 miles cold turkey. I’ll do a full race recap later this week.

Now, on to my list!

By some gift of the fitness gods, ClassPass is having a 50% sale for a 3-month membership. How is that for timing?!? So I’m going to sign up for a plan that gives me 5 classes a month. Here are the first classes I’m going to try:

TRX. I’ve done this before and loved the workout. I’ve had a hard time finding a class that JUST uses TRX, so I was excited to find one on the ClassPass list.

Rock Climbing. There’s a climbing gym that has always intrigued and slightly terrified me. Time to give it a shot.

Barre. I’ve done barre classes before, so I’m giving myself this one as something familiar while I’m trying out some new things.

Also on my agenda for this month:

Take advantage of my early-riser kiddo and go for a walk before it gets too hot.

Go to free yoga & fitness classes offered by retail/running stores in my area. 

Try to encourage some of my friends to join me so that I’m more likely to keep it up. 

How was your weekend? Did you take time off your workout & nutrition schedule or stick to it over the holiday?


34 thoughts on “A Confession and a List

  1. You’ve got some great plans for the month! Nice job on the 10K and good to hear it was pain-free! I saw the ClassPass deal, so tempting! I’m going to do my best to keep active this month with fitness classes, thinking about joining a new yoga and barre studio nearby!

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  2. Hey, I’d highly recommend trying the climbing gym. It’s an incredibly fun & social sphere. High five on the race, this weekend I climbed a mountain to watch the sunrise, despite some ankle injuries I’ve been struggling with. It was a good choice- I got to just put aside pain and doubt and go for it.

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  3. I’m afraid of heights so rock climbing is out for me (although I’ve done it before and didn’t die lol). But I’d love to do a TRX or Barre workout. There’s a TRX setup at my gym but it’s usually full and there’s no barre class near me.
    Hope you have fun!

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