A Change in Words

When I decided on my word of the year for 2016–security–I envisioned myself creating a foundation of schedule and pattern. I imagined planning ahead to create a vegetable garden, a homeschool plan, and workout routine. Other things on my list included a five year plan that included finances, buying a home (and maybe into the Disney vacation club) and professional development. Yes, 2016 was going to be the year I became secure.

Then January happened.

And February got even crazier. And since then life has been moving at a pace and a direction that I couldn’t have even predicted back in January. And this week, I decided that security–at least in the form of schedules and patterns that I had pictured–wasn’t in the cards for me this year.

And so I’m calling an audible and changing my word of the year. After some thought, I’ve decided on the word Embrace.

Yep, that’s me this year: a glorious mess.

Life is offering me some pretty cool opportunities this year, and I don’t want to shy away from them because I’m so focused on feeling safe. Of course, working on financial security and keeping JC secure in his father and myself remain a priority. But since change usually inspires me to stick my head in the sand, I think my guiding word this year needs to help me make the most of things.

What’s the best way you handle a change in plans?


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