Ready or Not, Here Comes Summer


They say summer bodies are made in the winter. 

Know what my body made this winter? A nice comfy spot on the couch where I read books and cuddled with my kid. 

A few years ago, I had a hardcore fitness routine. Training plans, recording things in my little fitness notebook…I lived for that routine. And it worked. But then I got tired.

I tried to get back to the routine, but my heart hasn’t been in it. Then it hit me like a thunder bolt the other day–fitness isn’t fun anymore. 

I don’t hate my weight or my shape right now. Could I be healthier? Yes. But am I killing myself over not having my ideal “summer body”? No. Because it’s still summer, and I have a body…one that is going to be running, swimming, blowing bubbles, traveling, and loving life–despite it’s imperfections. 

My goal this summer is to #MakeFitnessFun. What’s your favorite way to actually ENJOY your workout? 


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