Week 26 Intention: Fall in Love


I know I’ve missed a big chunk of the year, but I’m excited to get back to my weekly intentions. This one goes really well with how I’m feeling about fitness recently. You have to love taking care of yourself–all of yourself–if your workout/meal plan/spiritual journey is going to work. So this week I’m focusing on falling in love with the process.

Happy Memorial Day! What are your intentions for this week? 


Ready or Not, Here Comes Summer


They say summer bodies are made in the winter. 

Know what my body made this winter? A nice comfy spot on the couch where I read books and cuddled with my kid. 

A few years ago, I had a hardcore fitness routine. Training plans, recording things in my little fitness notebook…I lived for that routine. And it worked. But then I got tired.

I tried to get back to the routine, but my heart hasn’t been in it. Then it hit me like a thunder bolt the other day–fitness isn’t fun anymore. 

I don’t hate my weight or my shape right now. Could I be healthier? Yes. But am I killing myself over not having my ideal “summer body”? No. Because it’s still summer, and I have a body…one that is going to be running, swimming, blowing bubbles, traveling, and loving life–despite it’s imperfections. 

My goal this summer is to #MakeFitnessFun. What’s your favorite way to actually ENJOY your workout?