Tuesdays on the Run: What I Like Most About Running

I’m late for the Tuesdays on the Run link up, hosted by the marvelous Patty, Erika and Marcia–but I liked the topic so much that I decided to go for it anyway.

This week they posed the question: what do you like most about running? And since that very thought had been on my mind, I had to answer.

Technically, a doctor told me not to run. Something, he said, was wrong with my foot and ankle. He couldn’t exactly tell me what, but he painted a fairly grim picture of injury if I pushed too hard. And so for a year and a half I haven’t run. I also haven’t gotten a second opinion, which is something I really need to do.

(Anyone else have the problem of scheduling things for themselves preemptively, and wait until things get so bad that you must go to the doctor immediately/take a personal day/sleep for a whole weekend? Me too. A post for another time.)

And yet I’ve been slowly trotting around the neighborhood and adding races back on the calendar. I’m super excited about my first one this weekend. My husband, I’ll admit, thinks I’m a little crazy to be so obviously going against what my doc said. But I plan to take this race reeeeaaaally slow, and gauge how I feel the days afterwards. But why exactly am I doing it?

Because I miss who I was when I was a runner.

I have never been athletic. I don’t play basketball or soccer. I don’t swim well. When I do yoga I get stuck. In barre class I drop out of a plank first and I can’t touch my toes. To be quite honest, I’m clumsy and a bit on the awkward side. But when I was runner I was accomplishing things. When I was runner I felt good in my skin.

I wasn’t an elite runner or logging a million miles a week in training for an intense race through the jungle. I’ve only run one half marathon (why did I feel the need to put only? What do I mean, only a half marathon? I need to learn to own that 13.1 miles!) Every time I crossed a finish line or marked off a day in a training plan I felt so proud of myself. Maybe it was because I was doing something I never thought I’d do. Maybe it was because I felt fit and healthy. Maybe it’s the runner’s high. Who knows? Whatever the reason, running makes me feel good. And that’s what I like most about it.

What do you like most about running? What pushes you to get those miles in when your body/family/weather protests?


4 thoughts on “Tuesdays on the Run: What I Like Most About Running

  1. ood luck with the race! I agree that running jus tmakes me feel good. And it’s been sustainable for me in ways that other types of workouts haven’t in the past. I’m not sure why but I think it’s about having races on the schedule and a structured training plan for them that helps.

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