March Madness


In like a lion, out like a lamb…and I believe it.

Things are still crazy around here, but at least the crazy is settling into a manageable pattern. Which is a good, because March is already chock full: two 5Ks, an old friend’s bridal shower, starting to narrow down places for our move, a massive yard sale, and starting to plan an extended trip to LA is all on the list for this month.

At the forefront of that list, however, is getting back on a healthy track. When I’m stressed out and busy, like I was last month, I get sedentary and eat everything in sight. Here are my March fitness goals:

  • Keep the unhealthy food out of the house. Then, even if I do eat from stress, it will be good for me because that’s all that will be available.
  • Complete my races.
  • Pick a 10K training plan for my early July race.
  • Hit my FitBit step goal every day.

Pretty basic goals, I know, but I feel like I need to get the basics back down again.

March Days

What are your March fitness goals? Are you running any races?


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