All Those Race Shirts

Today I began my spring cleaning/purge, starting with my closet. More specifically, starting with my workout clothes.

For a girl who worked out inconsistently for the past year, I have an excessive amount of workout clothes. Why do I have so much? You’d think I was an instagram sensation or something (hashtag life goals).

Getting rid of old and pill-y pants was easy…until I came to the pair I trained in and wore in my very first half marathon. And yes…I hesitated tossing the standard black capris in the donate pile even though they don’t stay up and they’re almost 4 years old. Common sense won out.

But then I hit the race shirts. I just can’t seem to part with race shirts. They all tell a story, and they all hold memories–even if those memories are bad, like the race shirt from the 5K I blew a stroller tire on and then got lost.

I managed to part with a few of the shirts–a couple from races I didn’t actually run but were giveaways and one that was a hideous orange color–but the stack didn’t shrink that much.

Do I bite the bullet and give away most of them? Or do I make them into a T-shirt quilt like I’ve seen many of my runner buddies do? What else can I do with my race shirts?

What do you do with your race shirts? Do you hoard them like me?



6 thoughts on “All Those Race Shirts

  1. Race shirts are tough to part with, no doubt. I have gotten a lot more selective in what I keep….If it’s got a weird cut (boxy or unisex #yuck) it’ll probably go to the donation pile. If it’s a shirt I like but don’t really love (due to the color or graphics), it goes. If it’s a shirt that also came with a finisher’s medal….it’s a “maybe.” I’m not into quilts…I think they’re great and would be an awesome keepsake, but I know my quilt would probably wind up in the closet, on the same shelf where the numerous shirts reside LOL

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