All Those Race Shirts

Today I began my spring cleaning/purge, starting with my closet. More specifically, starting with my workout clothes.

For a girl who worked out inconsistently for the past year, I have an excessive amount of workout clothes. Why do I have so much? You’d think I was an instagram sensation or something (hashtag life goals).

Getting rid of old and pill-y pants was easy…until I came to the pair I trained in and wore in my very first half marathon. And yes…I hesitated tossing the standard black capris in the donate pile even though they don’t stay up and they’re almost 4 years old. Common sense won out.

But then I hit the race shirts. I just can’t seem to part with race shirts. They all tell a story, and they all hold memories–even if those memories are bad, like the race shirt from the 5K I blew a stroller tire on and then got lost.

I managed to part with a few of the shirts–a couple from races I didn’t actually run but were giveaways and one that was a hideous orange color–but the stack didn’t shrink that much.

Do I bite the bullet and give away most of them? Or do I make them into a T-shirt quilt like I’ve seen many of my runner buddies do? What else can I do with my race shirts?

What do you do with your race shirts? Do you hoard them like me?



Week 8 Intention: Do What You Have To Do

Welcome to the last full week of February! Is anyone else impressed (and maybe a little uneasy) about how fast 2016 is passing? 

My intention for this week focuses on getting the unpleasant stuff done so you can have time/energy/resources to do what you want. Maybe it’s an extra shift at work to have funding for a project close to your heart. Maybe it’s an early workout class to get you prepared for a big race. Maybe it’s staying up late to clean up the kitchen so you can have a full day the next day with your family. Whatever your situation is, there is something you HAVE to do so that you can do what you WANT. This week I’ll be smiling through the have to…knowing that soon I’ll be at the want to. 

What’s something in your life that you have to do to get to something you want to do? 

Can You Take a Compliment?

I want to welcome everyone from the Health and Fitness blog hop! If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! If you’re a regular reader, welcome back! Today I’m writing about something that has been on my mind for awhile, and I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say about it. 

When I was fifteen, I got my first boyfriend. He was the first in a short line that would label me a serial monogamist. We dated steadily through high school but were broken up by the time I got to college, although–like most small-town, high school sweethearts–we ran into each other over vacations and holidays until his family moved out of state.

Anyway, this guy (who shall remain nameless) wasn’t the nicest guy in the world. It wasn’t that he was abusive or hit me or anything. He was just unkind. And one day he said something to me that made me cringe. I’m not going to repeat it, because I don’t want to give it any more power than it already has. It was just a run-of-the-mill insult. And yet, almost 20 years later, I still think of that comment.

Taylor Swift totally gets me.

I know, I know. I need to let it go, right? I’ve had many flattering things said to me in my life. I had a healthy relationship with my happily married parents. I had good, sweet boyfriends after him who never uttered a mean word to me, friends who love me and lift me up, and a fulfilling marriage of almost ten years. And he was just a silly little boy. And yet…it’s still there.

let it go

So why is it that I remember those mean words when I could conjure up any of the lovely things my husband has said to me? Or pull a happy thought from my father, who spoiled me rotten? Or remember the gummy smile of my toddler son, who used to pat my face and say, “Oh hi, pretty mommy!”?

Why can’t I just accept the nice things people say to me? Why is it, when people compliment me, I say, “oh, please…” and start listing a myriad of reasons why they’re incorrect? It isn’t just compliments on appearance I have a hard time accepting. It is compliments on my writing, or my house, or my kid. Here’s a good example:

A couple weeks at my son’s homeschool co-op, we were eating lunch. I had carrot sticks, hummus, homemade granola and a hard boiled egg. One of the other mothers, a woman I like a lot, said, “Wow, that food looks really healthy and good.”

“Oh, it’s just because it’s Friday and I had nothing better left in my house,” I answered immediately. Um, no. I packed that lunch on purpose because I’m trying to cut processed sugars and foods out of my diet. So why didn’t I just say that?!? Probably because if I’d said, Yes, well, I’m trying to eat better so I can lose weight and be healthy while she was shoving a doughnut in her mouth I would have sounded like a prat. But I still could have come up with a better answer.

I bet Kate does not let things that stupid teenage boys once said bother her. 

So one of my goals for this month is to accept compliments as they are given to me. To say,  thank you! instead of, awww, no! if someone tells me I look nice. To say, I worked really hard on that, thanks! if someone compliments me on a meal, instead of, oh, whatever. I also want to make sure I’m giving people real, genuine compliments. Not just, I like your outfit, but that sweater brings out your eyes. Compliments that mean something to them, that will really stick out in their mind.

Because you never know when someone will carry something with them.

Can you take a compliment? Have you been holding on to a negative thought that you really need to let go?



Week 7 Intention: The Best is Yet to Come

I apologize for missing a few weeks–it has been crazy here! I started out the week with this intention:


Then yesterday afternoon, my husband got offered a new job at a yoga, meditation and cycling studio in downtown Atlanta. It’s a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an awesome concept. Even more exciting, the role will take him (along with me and JC, our son) to Honolulu and Los Angeles in the near future. I’m super excited about the opportunity to travel and see some parts of the world I’ve never seen before. I’m also slightly terrified, as I’m not really a traveler. I have very deep roots and very short wings (I’m like a penguin. I have wings for show, but I’m really meant to waddle around in the same place). But clearly 2016 is going to be the year I embrace change!

How is your week going so far? Did you get a long weekend or was it business as usual for your yesterday?