The Perils of Yoga at Home

I really want to be good at yoga.

I want to be stretchy and limber and zen, relaxed and mellow and meditative. And look like a girl in the Athleta catalogue.


(I’m well aware that they don’t those bodies by doing yoga alone).

But nonetheless, I want to be good at yoga.

There are a couple of things holding me back, the biggest one being I’m clumsy. Tree pose often becomes pick-myself-up-off-the-floor pose. I once had a yoga instructor pat me on the shoulder kindly and say, “maybe you should stick to running.”

I haven’t found the right class for me since we moved, so I’ve been trying really hard to get into a regular yoga practice here at home. I’ve set aside time for myself each day to do it, and I’m armed with my pretty purple yoga mat, my blue yoga block that I really only know how to use in one move, an app from Gaiam, and Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen.


If you’re a yoga fan and you’re not familiar with Rachel, I highly recommend her book. It’s part autobiography, part practical guide, and my favorite part about the book is how she writes out intentions/mantras. She also has an awesome Instagram account!

So obviously, with these items and all the reading & research I’ve done on the practice of yoga, I should be looking like I belong on the pages of Athleta any day now, right? Yeah…not so much.


yoga reality: my kid and his minion “help” me
I’m enjoying the challenge that yoga is presenting. I really do feel better after an hour of contorting myself into weird positions and I think it is really helping my core strength. This is the pose I’m currently working on:

Right now I put my knees down…and instead of lowering my chest and chin down, my whole upper body sort of thumps to the floor. It’s a work in progress.

Do you like yoga? When you’re trying to learn something, do you look for a class or give it a shot at home on your own?


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