2016 Word of the Year

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2016 is off to a great and strong start.

If you’re anything like…well, most people in the world…you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions. And usually I do, too. And–once again, like most people–they’ve flown out the window by early February. There’s even a “Break Your Resolution Day” this year (on January 17th, if you’re wondering).

Last year, I made resolutions but I also declared “bloom” to be my word of the year. I knew 2015 was going to be tough with job changes, relocations, and general life upheaval, and I chose “bloom” to remind myself that no matter what situation I was in, I could make the best of it and make it beautiful. When I looked back on the year, I realized that I couldn’t even remember what my resolutions were–but my word of the year stuck. So for 2016, I’m declaring myself resolution free and gearing all my goals to my 2016 Word of the Year:


Secure isn’t a pretty word. Bloom made for a better Pinterest board, that’s for sure. But when I get to the bottom of all my wants, goals and resolutions, security is what I’m left with.


  • I want to be financially secure. I’m not ready to go back to work full time, but I would like to contribute to my family financially this year.
  • I want to be secure in myself. I want to be one of those people that’s confident and comfortable in their own skin. I also don’t want to be a push over. I’m one of those people who NEEDS everyone to be happy and pleased with them. I think it’s time I got over this.
  • I want to be secure in my health. I really need to focus on building up my immune system this year. I’m tired of catching a cold and then still having it three weeks later.
  • I want my family to be secure in me and in their home. I want them to know that whatever craziness happiness, we have a pattern and comfort and safeness at home.

I also think one of the reasons my resolutions have failed in the past is because I do better with one overreaching, longterm goal and a handful of smaller ones. So I’m going to focus on smaller monthly goals and try to work on one big goal…but honestly, I haven’t settled on one yet. Unfortunately, goal setting is one of the areas where my type A personality goes a little berserk, and it takes me awhile to really lay goals out.

Are your goals set and ready to go? Have you ever made a word of the year?



2 thoughts on “2016 Word of the Year

  1. I love your idea of having a “word” describe what you want for the year and secure is a great choice! Good luck on your pursuit to gain security! I didn’t make any, I’ve been working on working on myself for a few months so I’m just going to keep rolling with it. My theme is “no excuses” 🙂 Happy New Year!

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