Week 4 Intention: Embrace the Change

  This week, my intention is to embrace change…in hopes that the calm will follow soon.

I’m trying to continue to look at the changes in my life in a positive light–and for the most part, I’m managing to do so. I’m hoping for a job offer in a position I would really enjoy this week, but I’m trying not to get worked up about it yet. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a job outside the home, but I’m happy that I’m able to help my family financially for a little while.

What changes are you embracing in your life?


The Perils of Yoga at Home

I really want to be good at yoga.

I want to be stretchy and limber and zen, relaxed and mellow and meditative. And look like a girl in the Athleta catalogue.

from athleta.com

(I’m well aware that they don’t those bodies by doing yoga alone).

But nonetheless, I want to be good at yoga.

There are a couple of things holding me back, the biggest one being I’m clumsy. Tree pose often becomes pick-myself-up-off-the-floor pose. I once had a yoga instructor pat me on the shoulder kindly and say, “maybe you should stick to running.”

I haven’t found the right class for me since we moved, so I’ve been trying really hard to get into a regular yoga practice here at home. I’ve set aside time for myself each day to do it, and I’m armed with my pretty purple yoga mat, my blue yoga block that I really only know how to use in one move, an app from Gaiam, and Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen.


If you’re a yoga fan and you’re not familiar with Rachel, I highly recommend her book. It’s part autobiography, part practical guide, and my favorite part about the book is how she writes out intentions/mantras. She also has an awesome Instagram account!

So obviously, with these items and all the reading & research I’ve done on the practice of yoga, I should be looking like I belong on the pages of Athleta any day now, right? Yeah…not so much.


yoga reality: my kid and his minion “help” me
I’m enjoying the challenge that yoga is presenting. I really do feel better after an hour of contorting myself into weird positions and I think it is really helping my core strength. This is the pose I’m currently working on:

Right now I put my knees down…and instead of lowering my chest and chin down, my whole upper body sort of thumps to the floor. It’s a work in progress.

Do you like yoga? When you’re trying to learn something, do you look for a class or give it a shot at home on your own?

Week 3 Intention: Live The Life You Imagine

My strength in my word of the year, secure, is being tested this week. Last week, my husband was laid off from his job suddenly, which pretty much blindsided us. After the initial shock wore off and we eased out of crisis mode, I decided to find the silver lining. Because there is always a silver lining.

While the situation is scary (okay, closer to terrifying) I’m trying to find it as an opportunity for my husband–and myself!–to pursue something we really want to do.

And so my intention this week is to focus on living the life I imagine–the scenes and the recipes and the ideas I pin on Pinterest and tear out of magazines needs to become the life I’m actually living, not just the one I imagine.

What does your imagined life look like?

Week Two Intention: Set Your Own Standard

I actually had a different intention all ready for this week, but then this gem dropped in my e-mail this morning and I thought it was even more appropriate.


I had a lovely brunch with my oldest friend yesterday. She is in her early 30’s, with a successful career and in a happy, long-term relationship–but not married. She pointed out how she always feels like she has to explain and go into detail about her relationship and why they aren’t married with kids when she meets someone new, but that she’s tired of justifying it to people. She’s happy–so why feel the need to explain?

I think that idea, and my intention for the week, can be applied to a lot of different people and their situations. I constantly find myself yammering on to people about how I “only” ran three miles on my run and how I’m so slow and I used to be a long distance runner and faster but I’m starting over because blah blah blah…I need to stop doing that. I know my own story, I know that those three miles area big deal to me. I need to own it and be confident in my own standards–and keep raising them as the days go by.

Hope everyone has a great week! What standards are you owning this week?

Week One Intention: You Are What You Do

I’ve been setting weekly intentions on Instagram for a few weeks now, and I thought I’d start the year off by including them here on the blog as well. For the first full week of January, I want to focus on action.


I think it’s appropriate for my first intention of 2016 to be a call to action.  So this week, I’m going to focus on actually DOING all the things I TALK about: being active every day. Eating less sugar. Finding more quiet time in my day. Finding time to write. I’ll probably exhausted by the weekend and no laundry will be done. 

I may be in the minority, but I’m so ready to be back in the real world after the holidays. 

Happy first Monday of 2016. May your adulting go smoothly. 

What do you often talk about doing but never actually do? 

2016 Word of the Year

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope 2016 is off to a great and strong start.

If you’re anything like…well, most people in the world…you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions. And usually I do, too. And–once again, like most people–they’ve flown out the window by early February. There’s even a “Break Your Resolution Day” this year (on January 17th, if you’re wondering).

Last year, I made resolutions but I also declared “bloom” to be my word of the year. I knew 2015 was going to be tough with job changes, relocations, and general life upheaval, and I chose “bloom” to remind myself that no matter what situation I was in, I could make the best of it and make it beautiful. When I looked back on the year, I realized that I couldn’t even remember what my resolutions were–but my word of the year stuck. So for 2016, I’m declaring myself resolution free and gearing all my goals to my 2016 Word of the Year:


Secure isn’t a pretty word. Bloom made for a better Pinterest board, that’s for sure. But when I get to the bottom of all my wants, goals and resolutions, security is what I’m left with.


  • I want to be financially secure. I’m not ready to go back to work full time, but I would like to contribute to my family financially this year.
  • I want to be secure in myself. I want to be one of those people that’s confident and comfortable in their own skin. I also don’t want to be a push over. I’m one of those people who NEEDS everyone to be happy and pleased with them. I think it’s time I got over this.
  • I want to be secure in my health. I really need to focus on building up my immune system this year. I’m tired of catching a cold and then still having it three weeks later.
  • I want my family to be secure in me and in their home. I want them to know that whatever craziness happiness, we have a pattern and comfort and safeness at home.

I also think one of the reasons my resolutions have failed in the past is because I do better with one overreaching, longterm goal and a handful of smaller ones. So I’m going to focus on smaller monthly goals and try to work on one big goal…but honestly, I haven’t settled on one yet. Unfortunately, goal setting is one of the areas where my type A personality goes a little berserk, and it takes me awhile to really lay goals out.

Are your goals set and ready to go? Have you ever made a word of the year?