Pushed Back, but Not Too Far Back

In my last blog I mentioned that I pulled a muscle in my shoulder. The doctor gave me pain meds–but after a few days I realized the pain was actually getting worse and I was just feeling dopey. For a few days last week I completely lost use of my right arm. I’ve gained some movement back, but my doctor decided maybe it wasn’t muscular after all and I need to go see a specialist. And I can’t get in to the specialist until early next week.

Of course, because this is the way life works sometimes, my “comeback” 5K is this weekend. I’ve gone back and forth about running it with the shoulder injury–because for the first time in awhile, I’m ready. I’m trained and prepared. But I’m also in a fair amount of pain, and well known in my circles for tripping, falling, slipping–you name it–while I’m running. So I’m going to sit this one out, see what my doctor says next week, and based on that, find another 5K to run soon. Very, very soon.

To start and stick with it!

(I actually tried running earlier today without moving my right arm, and was surprised to see how significantly it affected me. Who knew?!?)

I have my eye on a holiday run that’s late in the month and the Hot Chocolate 5K that’s in Atlanta early January. Hopefully this shoulder issue will be resolved soon (after all, I have a planking goal I have to meet!)

I’m disappointed that I have to miss my race but I’m rolling with the punches. Have you ever had to miss a race you REALLY wanted to run?


4 thoughts on “Pushed Back, but Not Too Far Back

  1. I’m so sorry for your disappointment. I hope they’re able to figure out what’s wrong and it’s not serious. No, I’ve never missed a race, but I have had to downgrade due to not respecting the distance while training (half to 10K). But you’ll get the next one, I have faith!

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