How Many Minutes Will You Sweat This Holiday?

I want to say THANK YOU to all the people who left supportive comments and liked my last blog. One of the things that makes me want to return to running so much is the fantastic runner community online and on social media!

The holiday season can be a hectic time to try and start a training plan or new fitness regimen. Trust me, I’ve questioned both my sanity and my ability to do it more than once this week–especially since our entire household is sick and the VERY LAST thing I’ve felt like doing is being active, let alone run. BUT I’m tired of being that person who is always starting over, so I put on my big-girl wicking undies and did it anyway.  

the return of the running shoes!
Monday sucked. Tuesday sucked more, since I’d been up all night with a congested kiddo. Wednesday was rough because in my sleep-deprived state I made terrible food choices the day before. And then today, 5:00 rolled around. We’d had a busy day, noses were still running, the sun was starting to dip below the horizon. But a funny thing happened: after only three days of dragging my feet through a workout, my body was asking for it. So the running shoes went on, the kid went in the stroller, and off we went.


With the return of the running shoes came the return of the foam rolling.
Was this week the best week of workouts I ever had? No. Were they full-body, balanced work-outs? Nope. But every day I managed to get some activity in.

This holiday season, I’m taking the SweatPink #HolidaySweat challenge, and giving myself the goal of AT LEAST 30 minutes of up-and-at-em activity a day.  Running, yoga, HIIT workouts…I’m not tying myself down to an exact schedule so that when the craziness hits, I have flexibility. I’ll be blogging about it, and come follow me on Instagram (I promise to follow ya back!) for daily updates on how the challenge is going.

How many minutes of activity are you aiming for during the holidays? What are some of your go-to workouts when you’re on a time crunch?


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