What Would you do if you Could do Anything?

I write a lot about fitness on this blog. After all, it is called Girl Seeking Healthy. But I believe that healthy is more than just fitness–it’s about finding balance and being happy and whole. So today I have two questions for you:

What would you do if you could do anything?

Why aren’t you doing it?

We all have dreams. Maybe you want to run a marathon. Maybe you want to write a novel. Maybe you want to be President, climb Mt. Everest, or learn to paint.

Along with those dreams, we all have realities. Families to take care of, bills to pay, jobs to go to. Sometimes our dreams are withheld from us because of other less tangible obstacles: you can’t run a marathon if you get winded going up the stairs. Writing a novel takes time. Climbing Mt. Everest takes training. There are so many things in the way of what we want to be doing that most of the time, we simply give up.

Today I say that it’s time to give up on giving up.

dream big

Okay, so maybe you’ll never become President of the USA. But you could run for a position on your neighborhood association or PTA. I think they key is digging down to really think about why you dream about things you dream about. For example, I think that if I were to go back and do it all over, I would like to become an archivist or a librarian. I’m 32, have a degree in English and I’m the primary caretaker of my kid. I don’t really have the money or the time right now to go back to school and earn the necessary degrees or certifications to do either of those things (most entry-level archival positions require both a BA and an advanced degree! Who knew?)

So I thought about why those things appealed to me. I love books. I love being around them, organizing them, smelling them (yep, I’m one of those). I love to put things in order, categorize them, and keep track of things. I don’t need any more education to do that. With a few tweaks and minimal financial investment, I’m going to turn my office/homeschool room into a library. I may even dewey decimal system my books. Kidding. Sort of.

And I have boxes (boxes!!!) of photos, cards, notes, programs and moments that need to be organized. I don’t need to search for a new job. I just need to open my closet.

What’s your wildest, far-flung dream? How can you incorporate elements of it into your everyday life?


16 thoughts on “What Would you do if you Could do Anything?

  1. I would love to have a peace/meditation/prayer area in my house. Secluded where I can read or write or prayer without distraction. With pretty pillows and blankets to curl up in: )

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  2. I wanted to be a librarian myself at one point! I just couldn’t figure out how to finance that much school! I can still spend hours upon hours in bookstores and libraries… so much fun stuff to see and do in those places! (I love to smell them too, hehe) I think that’s a great idea you have about creating a library!! Hmmm, actually, you have so many good ideas… I might now have to re-do my office, half library, half study area…. ooo, you are so good for the soul!! 🙂

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  3. I would love to turn my blog into a full-time job…I love writing, being creative, and meeting /inspiring others. I also love to design and knit sweaters, scarves, etc. But for now, I’m hanging out with a great day job, two kids in college (and the third is a sophomore in high school), so those are my priorities of the moment. 😉

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