The Seven Stages of Strength Training

I have noticed that every time I take a strength-based class at my gym, my emotions are similar to the seven stages of grief. I present to you the seven stages of strength training.


  1. Shock/disbelief: Oh, holy $h!t. I can’t believe I’m in this class. I must have completely lost my mind.”
  2. Denial: “I’m not staying in this class a moment longer. As soon as I can slip out I’m going to. I can’t do this.”
  3. Bargaining: “If I can do five more of these stupid squats I’ll let myself leave.”
  4. Guilt: “I really need to stay. Look at that man over there. He’s old enough to be my grandfather and he doesn’t look like he’s about pass out like me.”
  5. Anger: “I hate this teacher. I hate her perky ponytail, her voice, and the way she lunges. I hope she falls off the stage.”


6. Depression: “I can’t believe this is so hard for me. I’m so out of shape. Will I ever lose weight?”

7. Acceptance: “Okay, so that hour went by faster than I thought it would. And I do feel better. I’ll be back tomorrow!”

Do you go through a range of emotions like I do when you take a new or challenging class?


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