I Need a Plan.

So far in my fitness this fall (and this year, really), I’ve been really focused on strength and cross training. And it’s paid off–I’ve lost weight, my clothes fit better, and I have more energy and feel better overall.

But my running shoes are gathering dust.

My deal with myself was that I’d sign up for a race if I could get myself regularly running again after dealing with my injury back in January. Well, it’s almost November and I’ve run…no races. Not a single one. So I think I might be going about it the wrong way. I think it’s time to be honest with myself and say this:

I’ve never actually RUN a race. I start out with a comfortable-for-me run/walk/run pace…which eventually becomes a walk. I’m consistently under trained, unprepared and under enthused. But despite all those things, I love race days. I love the energy and the friendships I’ve made and laying out the flat Allyson the night before and posting it to instagram. I love the fun clothes from Athleta and finding the right shoe and the energy gels and all the STUFF that comes with the running culture. But it’s time to face reality, folks: I’ve been running for almost four years and I still don’t know how to do it.

So I’m starting over. And I need a plan.

When I first started the sport, I began it solely to run a Princess Half Marathon. I chose a Jeff Galloway program because that’s what the runDisney website suggested. I sort of trained. I finished the race on a wing and a prayer. Then I had done a half marathon, so I felt silly going back and doing shorter races, when in reality, that’s what I should have started with. My first PHM was my second race ever. Talk about jumping in with both feet, right?

I’m rethinking my entire approach to running. You know how you always say, “I wish I’d known then what I know now?” Well, I can go into my second running life with all that knowledge from the mistakes I made the first time around. All the information I’ve garnered from other bloggers, runners, and a gazillion Pinterest pins. I can pick a training plan that is actually right for me (although I suspect that the Galloway method is the one I’ll end up with). I can learn how to run a mile, and then another, and then another, until I’m actually successful at a 5k…and not just surviving the miles because I have to get through them to move on to the next step in my half marathon training plan.

I think it’s time to pick a race 8 or 12 weeks out, pick a plan and start from the very beginning. A complete running reset. I feel sort of silly starting back at page one (not even page one…more like the prologue) but I think it’s what I need. Because I mis this:


If you were starting over, what plan would you use? What do you know now that you wished you knew then?

Today I’m linking up with Patty, Erica and Marcia for Tuesdays on the Run. Check them out!


6 thoughts on “I Need a Plan.

  1. I can’t believe that the PHM was your second race ever! That’s totally something I would do!! I’m not a big marathon {or even a big half} runner but I do love a good 5K! I definitely think picking something 8-12 weeks out and building up to it is a great plan! And maybe even scheduling a few 5K or 10K races during the training period, just to have some accountability 🙂

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  2. I am in my forth week of training for my first marathon using the Galloway run / walk / run method. I don’t “race” because I am not very fast nor competitive, but I love running races and have done many this year. I am truly enjoying it, but needed to find a reason… which is my marathon, on April 3.

    Sometimes it just takes time to get our mojo back. And sometimes there are times in life when we want to do other things.

    Hang in there, things will work out.

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