September Goals

It’s been awhile, and I’m sorry! My writing fell by the wayside as we started home school and went to Disney World for the holiday weekend–trip report coming soon! I’m getting used to our new pattern and back in the blogging saddle.

Before I talk about my September goals, I want to review my August goals and check in with how I did.

Fitness goals:

  • Soda only on weekends: A+! During August I only had soda on weekends and managed to kick it entirely the first weekend of September. It’s been a full week since I’ve had one which is a HUGE accomplishment for me.
  • Loose 4-5 pounds and 1% body fat: B. I fell off the healthy-eating wagon in late August, but I managed to climb back on and lose the weight I wanted.
  • Run 12-15 miles: F. Is there anything lower than an F? I didn’t run a single mile in August. I did a lot of elliptical and arc trainer but no running. My punishment is that I don’t get to do a 5K in September because I’m not trained for it.
  • Join a gym with classes: A+! We got a family membership at a Lifetime Fitness. It’s a big, shiny gym that overwhelmed me at first (my last gym was a smaller, neighborhood gym) but I’m started to get into a rhythm with classes.

Happiness Goals:

  • Hang up photos: C-. I hung up two photos.
  • Plan our winter vacation: A.  We decided to mix it up a little this year and instead of our usual Florida trip, we’re planning to head to California in the new year for a few weeks. Since the furthest west I’ve been is Ohio, it’s going to take a lot of planning.
  • Screen free time with family on weekends: A+. We’ve done really well with family time in the past few weeks, and it shows.
  • 2 date nights with my husband: C. We made it out once.

Now for September:

Sep goals

I really want to get into a rhythm with classes in the gym and I don’t want to have to skip my October race, so I really need to train up! As for my happiness goals, I’m really bad about pinning all these awesome projects on Pinterest, starting them, and then letting them sit for months, half finished. The toughest goal will be the yard sale–even after our move we still have so much clutter and excess, but I’m a pack rat and it is hard for me to let things go. However, I don’t want to end up on a TLC show, so a yard sale is a necessity.

What are your September goals? Do you prefer big gyms or small gyms?