Repeat After Me: It’s Just a Number


Later this week I’ll share my goals for September and tell you how August went…but before that, a confession.

I was feeing pretty good about my August goals. Would I give myself a 100% for hitting all my fitness goals and eating perfectly? Nooooo way. But overall, I felt like I was moving in the right direction. While I’m still not seeing the numbers I want on the scale, I’m seeing some downward motion. I’ll take it, right?


My husband got a new fancy FitBitHR this weekend, and with it an Aria scale. I’ll be doing a full review of it soon, but it’s pretty cool: it connects with your FitBit and sends your weight and body fat percentage straight to your device for easy tracking. I was  excited to hook it up with my FitBit…until I realized the scale I had been previously using was way, way off. Turns out I’m several  pounds heavier and my body fat is 10% higher than what my old scale was telling me.

I’m not going to lie, guys. I was really upset. I realize this sounds a little silly as I didn’t actually gain any weight. But now I feel even further from my goals. Do I adjust my goals to my new starting weight and body fat, or do I adjust my timeline? Or do I just curl up in a ball and eat a lot of mac & cheese? (I know, I know, not a viable option).

Then my “memories from this week 2 years ago” popped up on my newsfeed, reminding me that this weekend in 2013 I ran a 10k…only I was given the wrong bib color and ran a full 10 miles before I realized I was on the wrong course. That’s right, I ran 10 miles and didn’t really notice how far I’d gone. I can hardly make it a mile right now. Just…ugh. That memory coming back to me was just the icing on a cake that I CAN’T EAT BECAUSE SUDDENLY I’M HEAVIER THAN I THOUGHT I WAS.

I am trying to remind myself: it’s just a number. The numbers on the scale don’t define me. But it’s still disappointing and frustrating, especially after a full month of working fairly hard on my goals.

I think I need a non-weight milestone so that I’m not living by the numbers on the scale. What other things do you watch besides the scale?


2 thoughts on “Repeat After Me: It’s Just a Number

  1. Try going by how you’re feeling overall? Are you getting stronger in your yoga? Is your mood generally happy and content? Big indicators that you’re doing great! I only lose an average of 2 pounds per month (I have 30 to go), but I feel good on the inside… it matters!! 🙂

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