Running on a Disney World Vacation

My favorite vacation spot is Disney World, so I thought I’d share my favorite places to run while visiting. Many of the resorts have running paths and most of the deluxe resorts have gyms, but these are the places I’ve enjoyed running the best. I ran them all with my jogging stroller–with mixed results.

First off is the Magic Kingdom area. Bay Lake Towers and The Contemporary have great running paths throughout the resort, labeled with these cute little signs. Fun, right?


The Bay Lake Tower/Contemporary paths are a breeze with the stroller, as they’re entirely paved and quite wide.

I also love running from Bay Lake past the Magic Kingdom–it has the best views. The path leads from the resort, past the Magic Kingdom entrance and underneath the monorail track before it dead ends with a beautiful view of the Grand Floridian.

MKfrompath mkjogpath monorailpath GFfrompath

While the views are great, it’s not the path to take if you’re going for a steady pace. Depending on the time of day, the path can get crowded and it offers little shade, so it’s best to run it early morning or in the evening. It is almost exactly one mile from the door of Bay Lake Towers to the end of the path.

The only part of this path that gave me problems with my stroller was the section with the commemorative bricks–it made for a very bumpy ride for JC. Luckily, he’s a bit of a thrill seeker so he was fine with it.

If nature is your thing, be sure to check out the fitness/jogging paths at The Wilderness Lodge. The sandy soil path that leads to Ft. Wilderness is my favorite, as it makes you feel like you’re out in the middle of nowhere, not smack in the middle of Orlando. All the noise of the resort melts away and you can be one with the trees, the fresh air, and…whatever made this paw print.


Some of the paths also offer great views across the lake to The Contemporary and Bay Lake Tower.


The stroller was a little challenging on this route–it’s doable but it made for slow going. I also have a pretty heavy duty stroller, so that made it easier.

The last route I’m going to talk about at the Boardwalk resort–my favorite path heads down the boardwalk and then past The Beach and Yacht Club. There’s some little hills, which seem bigger when you’re doing it with a stroller, but the scenery is a nice distraction. There’s also some signage that tells you about the routes and the distances. They are placed on a couple of different locations around the path. I also really like to walk this path at night–there are some great spots to take in the fireworks from Epcot.

boardwalk running trail

I know sometimes you don’t want to think about running and exercising on vacation, but I always seem to be preparing for a race while I’m at WDW–and I’ve learned the hard way what a week or two skipping runs can lead to. Plus, if you exercise while you’re on vacation, you get to eat more things like this:


And isn’t that what vacationing is all about, anyway?

Do you exercise on vacation? Where is your favorite place to run at Disney World?


7 thoughts on “Running on a Disney World Vacation

  1. The last time I was at Disney, i wasn’t quite as much of a running addict. This time, we are going in October and I can’t wait to run while I’m there. I’m preparing for the Glass Slipper Challenge and thought it would be a great way to pump myself up training for it by running while we are there. Thanks for sharing your favorites! Can you get to these very easy from the Coronado Springs resort? That’s where we will be staying. If not, any good places to run the I could get to early in the morning from Coronado?

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      1. This will be our first time staying at Coronado. The only other resort we have stayed at is the Caribbean Beach (which I loved!) Thanks for the tips! I will have to check them out when we are there!

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  2. The dessert looks divine!! I’ve never been to a Disney resort, but I’m desperate to earn a bling from there! Those running paths are fabulous! I’m going to have to really push for Disney soon!! Your pictures are great!!

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