Before and After Photos & Numbers: Do You Share?

We live in a very visual world, especially when it comes to social media and fitness in particular. As a writer at heart, I struggle with that–especially when it comes to photos of myself where I don’t look my best. As in, the before pictures.

Before pictures, especially when you have long-term fitness goals, are a great tool. Not all progress is gauged by the scale and it’s awesome to be able to actually see the progress. I took before pictures, recorded my weight and body fat percentage, and then tucked the photos away. I don’t know if I’ll ever show them to anyone but myself–they are far from flattering. I took them in a bikini (and I haven’t worn in a bikini in public in a decade) with the thought that if I do manage a fantastic transformation, posting the before and after shots would be okay. Hey, a girl needs lofty goals, right?

I’m the same way with numbers. I’m happy to share what I’m trying to accomplish: lose 20 pounds and get to 24% body fat. But I’m hesitant to offer up exactly how much I weigh, and where that 20 pounds will land me at. It’s not that I’m embarrassed by my weight–it’s just that poundage can be deceiving and looks different on everyone. Suffice it to say that 20 pounds will bring me to my happy weight, and that’s what I’d hope for all my friends and readers.

So I want to know: when you share your journey, do you lay it all out there, keep everything under wraps, or do you try to find a happy medium like I do?


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