Finding Your Strong

It’s a funny thing, running.

It’s funny because even though most of the time you’re running for sport, you’re not going anywhere in particular–but you’re still getting somewhere. You’re getting to that next finish line, the next PR, the next mile marker. It’s amazing how much accomplishment one can feel from basically paying money to be squished elbow-to-elbow with crowds of people all doing something you could be doing for free.

I was still a new-ish runner when I got sidelined by an injury in December of last year. My doctor told me to stop running entirely and my foot would feel better. So I did…and nothing changed. As I waited for the injury to heal, I stalled.

I suppose I shouldn’t say I was a new runner–it would be more precise to say I was new to all exercise. So when I stopped running, I stopped…everything. I knew something had to change, and over the past six months I started to make goals or start exercise plans. Nothing stuck.

A few days ago I saw this on Instagram, and it resonated with me.


You can’t find your strong if you’re not looking. I realized I stopped looking a long time ago, hiding behind the excuse of an injury. It’s time to start looking again. It’s time to try a mile or so on my foot. It’s time for a second opinion. It’s time for trying out a new class, a kettle bell, or a yoga mat. If I’m honest with myself, what running really did for me was give me confidence and help me feel comfortable in my own skin. And that’s the strong I want to find.

What strong are you looking for?


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