Tricky Things that Trip up my Healthy Eating

This has been a really good week, food wise. This week I started working towards my clean eating goal, and I’m proud of myself. Aside from a slip up or two, all of my meals have been homemade and full of whole ingredients. My favorite recipe this week? These pumpkin muffins that are made with whole wheat flour and honey instead of sugar. You can find the recipe here.


Three things that have tripped me up this week:

  • The perils of Pinterest: I know, I know…that which we love the most will be our downfall. At least, the dessert boards will. I quickly realized that zoning out on Pinterest while I was trying to shift into clean eating was going to be a challenge, so I went through and unfollowed all the cake, cookie and luscious looking dessert boards on my page.
  • I need a detailed plan: If I don’t have a plan and something in front of me that’s healthy, I will eat whatever is quickest and easiest. This goes for at home and even more so while we’re out and about. I really have to rearrange my thinking to eat before I go out or bring enough snacks to keep me away from a restaurant with queso dip. Which brings me to…
  • If it’s not in my house, I won’t eat it: there were plenty of times this week when I could have easily sat down and inhaled an entire box of Girl Scout cookies. Luckily, I didn’t have any cookies. Or candy. Or ANYTHING. It made me grumpy, but I didn’t eat any junk food.

What trips you up when it comes to healthy eating?


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