Unexpected Ways Running Changed my World

I’m linking up with April, Patty and Erika today for Tuesdays on the Run! Today’s theme is post-run treats…but since I’m working really hard on getting a better handle on my eating, I’m going to take a pass on it and thought I’d write about unexpected ways running changed my world. Even though I’m focusing on shorter distances, running has given me–and continues to give me–lots of unexpected perks:

Running has made me think about what I put in my mouth. When you’ve slugged away on the treadmill for an hour, you re-think those cookies.

Running has given me a legitimate reason to wear running clothes–outside of lounging around the house.

How many pairs of running shoes do YOU have?

Running has made me a better planner. Popular races can sell out quickly and require travel which means I have to think ahead. In the same vein, running has made me better with a budget–race registrations and cute running clothes add up quickly.

Running has expanded my vocabulary. Now I know what things like Gu, KTTape, Nuun, and fartleks are.

Running has changed my dreams. I used to dream about giving book reports naked or being unprepared for a big meeting. Now I dream that I’m late for a race.

The only time I’m excited to get up this early…

Running has helped me make new friends. When I was younger, I loved going to concerts–the energy during a live show was always amazing, and I loved the idea that I had something in common with everyone who was there. Now I feel the same way about the starting line of a big race–it makes it so easy to strike up a conversation with the people around me.

Running has made me brave. Before I started running, I may have set foot in a gym once or twice–mainly because I was just too shy to go in. Now I’m not so scared anymore–running gave me something that belonged to me and that I could be a part of.


It’s amazing, the things you find when you’re out running.

How has running changed you?


8 thoughts on “Unexpected Ways Running Changed my World

  1. I now dream about not getting to the start line in time! It’s so funny you mentioned that! When I got really serious about trying to better my race times, I would think “Will this help me be a better runner?” before I ate anything. It helped me pass up unhealthy foods. I’m not as good about it as I used to be.


  2. It’s amazing how running has changed me. Physically, emotionally and socially. I feel like I’m a different person (in a good way!) than I was before. Great post!! Thanks for linking up with us today!

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