Resetting the Race Calendar and Reorganizing my Goals

I had been putting off looking at my race calendar, knowing I’d have to miss most of what I have scheduled. Last weekend was particularly bittersweet watching social media blow up during the Princess Half Marathon–I was registered for all three events during the weekend but couldn’t participate in any of them. I gave myself one day to throw a pity party, and now I’m ready to reassess and reorganize my goals.

Up until this point, a race has always been the end result, and all my training geared to an event. Without that structure, I had to think outside the (running shoe) box.


I thought a lot about my previous goals and what worked and didn’t. I’ve often fallen off the wagon when it comes to exercise and healthy eating, so my priority was to make goals that I could reach and a realistic timeline to do them in. So I have come up with “long term” goals and a plan to meet them by mid summer, breaking the time up into three 6 week-ish chunks.

Long Term Goals (goal deadline: middle of July):

  • Get down to my happy weight, which means losing 20 pounds.
  • Bring my body fat percentage down to between 21-22% (I’m close to 29% right now).
  • Cut out soda entirely. 
  • Be eating clean/whole foods 95% of the time.
  • Take a stand up paddle boarding class (I’ve always wanted to do this, but I’ve never had the core strength).

My plan of attack for the first segment of time (through mid-April):

  • Start things off with a whole food cleanse the first week of March. More about that on Monday!
  • Focus on full body circuit training and strength training I can do at home so that I have no excuse to skip workouts. 
  • Continue with yoga–I’ve found that I really enjoy doing it at the end of my workout.
  • Walk in the Atlanta Women’s 5K and the Morningside Mile at the end of March.  

I’ll see how I do with my short term goals, and I can tweak the plan as I need to for the second chunk of time in the spring. I’m actually looking forward to getting started!

How are your new years resolutions going? Do you set short and long term goals?


2 thoughts on “Resetting the Race Calendar and Reorganizing my Goals

  1. These all sound that great goals! My short-term goal is to PR during my next half marathon in April and reduce my body fat percentage. My long-term goal is to enter next year’s Disney Princess Slipper Challenge!


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