ClassPass Review

Right before the start of the new year, ClassPass–sort of an all-you-can-eat buffet of boutique fitness studios–came to Atlanta. Since I was still struggling with foot pain and trying to decide how to move forward with my fitness, I decided to try it out and signed up.


The details: For a flat rate ($79 in my area) you can take as many classes as you want per month at participating studios, with the catch being you can only take three classes per studio. So for example, I could only take three classes during the month at a Pure Barre studio, but since there are about 80 participating studios in Atlanta, there was still plenty to choose from.

What I loved: If you use it correctly, ClassPass can be a great deal for your money. If I had paid the single class fee for all the classes I took in January, it would have been a bill somewhere near $250 dollars (I took an average of 3 classes per week).  There are a lot of types of studios to choose from–spinning, barre, Pilates, yoga, CrossFit, rock climbing, aerial gyms…so if you’re looking to explore different options with little commitment, this is for you. Scheduling your class is a breeze–their website is easy to use and they have an app as well.

What I didn’t love: You have to cancel a class a full 24 hours in advance or you get a $25 charge. This tripped me up a little because sometimes my husband’s work schedule changes at the last minute and I have a young child. I completely understand  why the policy is in place, but it stressed me out a little.

Will I sign up for another month? Probably. I do think it’s a great price for all that it offers, and it’s both a blessing and a curse that it pushes me out of my comfort zone: walking into a fitness class that I’ve never tried terrifies me a little. When I’ve put down the money and I don’t want to get that $25 cancellation fee, I’m much more likely to go to a new class I signed up for. That being said, there is something I enjoy about routine–getting to know the teachers I’ll see three times a week or looking forward to Saturday morning yoga. I feel like ClassPass offers me a nice balance of the new and the comfortable–I can still take my favorite classes and try that aerial silk class that has been on my bucket list (disclaimer: I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t think my core would hold up!).

ClassPass is offered in more than 20 cities and growing. To find out if they’re in your city, check them out here.

Do you like trying new classes? What fitness activity is on your list that you haven’t tried yet?


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