January Food & Fitness Goals

I’m trying to break my goals down into manageable chunks this year. I think part of my problem in 2014 was that I WAY over planned in January and felt burned out by early spring, and when things didn’t go exactly to plan by the summer I’d thrown up my hands and given up. So this year I’m taking it step by step and making small monthly goals for each month. That way, if life throws me a curve ball I can repeat the goal the following month instead of losing steam entirely.

First, food.

I know food is the biggest reason I’ve been putting on weight. I have terrible eating habits. I’m picky to the extreme, I have a mild Pepsi addiction and a giant bowl of pasta is my happy place. I know this has to change or all the work I do at the gym is just wasted time.


January goals: less eating out and less processed foods.

I feel like one will lend to the other…if I’m eating out less, it means I’m cooking at home, and (hopefully) that means I’ll be eating more whole foods.

Some of my favorite recipes so far this month! At the end of January, I’ll be doing a recipe round up.

Second, fitness.

January goals: make fitness a priority.

When I’m stressed out or things don’t go as planned, my exercise is the first thing to go. That needs to stop. I know people who are at the gym on their certain days, rain or shine, sleep or no sleep. I WANT TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. Maybe not necessarily in the gym, but doing whatever workout I have planned for the day.

Since that’s kind of a vague goal, I had to specify a little for myself: 30 minutes of exercise weekdays, and something–anything–active on weekends. 30 minutes a day should be doable. It should be easy. I spend that much time on social media in them mornings alone (at least!). Maybe I need to tell myself that the only time I’m allowed on Pinterest is while I’m on a stationary bike…

What goals do you have for January?


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